315 E 187th Street, Bronx, New York, 10458


Well now, partner. Looks like what we had here’s a good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff in a wonderful three bedroom high-rise apartment. See here, done looks like Wild Bill Malone and Enrico “The Goose” Ramirez had a little “bid’ness meeting” didn’t quite go as planned in the lovely living room and open kitchen of this Bronx luxury, just minutes away from the D train. That’s when law-man burst in and caught em, that there’s Sheriff Millman, fastest gun West of the Pecos and East of the Hudson. They all drew barkin’ irons at once and that was that, each one of ’em jimmy’d t’other and bit the ground. Darn shame. No fees, in-unit dishwasher.

    Pets allowed
Bronx Three Bed in High Rise
$6500 for rent

3 bedrooms | 1 bath | 4000 sqft
Apartment in Fordham Heights


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