448 7th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11215


A nice find in a convenient neighborhood for a new couple just moving to New York. One bedroom, plenty of living space and natural light. Last couple to live here were two star cross’d lovers, in the throes of passion and the sweetest innocence. Wherefore should these two have not been wed, but for the father of the young mistress, who looked upon their love with enmity. Knowing well they could never marry, she sought to leave her fair paramour before further harm be done. But alas, poison hath been their untimely demise, for as he caught her ere she could abscond, he would rather both their lives be taken than hers belong to another. Full kitchen and bath, comes unfurnished.

    Pets allowed
Good Find For New Couple
$750000 for sale

1 bedrooms | 1 bath | 1200 sqft
Apartment in Park Slope


Listed by
Ari Stoukaroukas
Live In A Place Inc.
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